What is the overall (general) structure of THE Spring Games?
THE Spring Games is the World’s largest collegiate softball event. 2021 marks the fourteenth year of THE Spring Games. THE Spring Games are a seven-week event during which time we host approximately 2,000 games. We like to say that THE Spring Games are “a marathon, not a sprint!” For most of our fans, the event lasts for one week as that is the average stay for any one team.

The Games are not a tournament so there is no “bracket.” Instead, the Games are more of a round-robin or spring training format where the teams select the number of games and, sometimes, the teams they wish to play. Because of this, we do have a schedule but it is not a traditional bracket and there is no “winner” of the overall event.

Do the games count toward my team’s collegiate softball record or are they basically scrimmages?
Absolutely, the games count toward your team’s season record. It’s like the teams are playing at their home field except THE Spring Games allows them to play from 4-24 different teams in one trip, saving the teams (and their fans) a lot on travel expenses!

How do I find out my team’s schedule?
Keep an eye on our App for the updated schedule and information about the Games.

Why do I have to go to multiple parks to watch the same team play?
With hundreds of teams participating, no one complex could handle all of the teams participating in THE Spring Games so multiple parks are necessary. For this reason,we separate each Division into different counties:

Division I:
Pinellas and Seminole County
Madiera Beach and Longwood

Division II:
Polk County
Winter Haven and Auburndale

Division III:
Lake County
Clermont, Minneola, and Leesburg

Osceola County

Osceola County

There are often times that teams request to play other teams that have games at different parks and some teams do play at as many as four different complexes to ensure they get their desired opponent. Teams let us know what their priority is when registering: playing at few parks, playing certain teams, or playing certain times. We do our absolute best to accommodate these “priority” requests so if your team is playing at multiple parks, it is likely that your coach requested the opportunity to play certain teams or at certain times. The good news is that you get to experience more of what Central Florida has to offer while your team gets a great schedule of games!

Is there a bracket or master schedule for THE Spring Games?
Yes, as it is updated you can view the master schedule. Remember, the Games are not a tournament so there is no “bracket.” Instead, the Games are more of a round-robin or spring training format where the teams select the number of games and, sometimes, the teams they wish to play. Because of this, there is no “winner” of the overall event. The official THE Spring Games App is the best place to get updated information on teams, the schedule, and other valuable information about the event.

How do I find out the scores of the games?
We will be updating scores on our official THE Spring Games App throughout the event. Scores will be posted within one (1) hour of the game ending. You can also follow the games live on FloSoftball.

Whoa! My team’s game changed – what’s going on?
If your team has a game change after December 1, then it is likely that another team had an emergency issue that affected the schedule. Schedule changes after December 1 are unusual; please bear with us and your coach because a game change after December 1 means something happened that upset a lot of folks. We would appreciate it if you would help us and your coach get the word out to other fans that there has been a change.

If your team has a game time or location change during THE Spring Games, then it is likely that another team went into extra innings in a game prior to yours on the same day. We do our best to keep the games on time and have extended time between games to allow for a few delays. Still, you know as well as we that softball is not a timed sport and a 14-inning ballgame can wreak havoc to a 2,300 game schedule (at least for the day)! Typically, if this situation occurs, the game will still be at the same complex (and at the same time) but not at the same field. A morning or afternoon delay can affect night games so be sure to double-check the schedule online on your way to the park as it will update automatically when changes are made. Again, it would help if you would support us by letting your fans know about the change (including those back home watching on live stream). Always, the official THE Spring Games App is the best way to stay abreast of schedule changes as the App live sync’s with our scheduling program and we will send out notifications to App users if there are scheduling changes.

What can I expect when I come to the ballfields for THE Spring Games?
For starters, you can expect to see some AMAZING softball! Your pass to the Games gets you access to all fields for that day. Feel free to go from park-to-park but be sure that you get your hand-stamped when you leave if you intend to return (no exceptions!). Your punched ticket will NOT get you back in the park – you must have a hand stamp.

When you arrive at the ballfields, you can expect to enter through the main gate. Most parks have an entrance for teams and umpires; if that is the case, only individuals with team or umpire credentials are permitted to enter those gates. The main gate is for spectators and fans. We do charge admission so be prepared to purchase your tickets at the gate if you did not already order your tickets online.There can be lines, especially at peak times, so come early and enjoy some of the games before yours.

We have merchandise and concessions at the ballfields. Note that coolers, tents, large chairs, rolling carts, and other large items are not permitted at the ballparks for reasons related to security and the comfort of other fans. We do recommend you bring a personal-sized (small) umbrella for shade. Go to our Fan Facebook Page to learn about our chair-share program.

Speaking of coolers, there is a strict “no outside food” policy at THE Spring Games. This includes drinks, coffees, and snacks. Please understand our gate crew are doing their job by reminding you of (and enforcing) the policy. We work closely with the concession providers and local businesses to ensure that you have quality options at the ballfields. Also, remember that concessions support the non-profit and charitable programs we support at THE Spring Games through PFX Athletics and our local softball leagues. So, leave the cooler at home and plan on buying a meal (or two) at the parks knowing that the proceeds from that purchase support a young girl who dreams of one day being in your daughter’s shoes!

We ask that you please be nice to our staff as they are executing their job duties and remember, most of the people you will be meeting at the ballfields are volunteers who are passionate about supporting women and girls find success in life and sport; we instruct them to greet you with a smile and we ask that you do the same in return. If you see something that we can do better or simply have a suggestion on how we can improve the event, please email us at, post a message on the Fan Facebook Page, or ask to speak with the “Site Supervisor” at the ballpark where you are (Site Supervisors are Spring Games staff members).