Coaches Surveys

Your feedback helps us make THE Spring Games better every year! Please take the time to complete the surveys, below, before February 1 so we can be sure to have all of your information processed before your arrival.

Practice Survey
Complete this survey by December 10 if you would like to register for a practice at THE Spring Games. Like games, practices will be scheduled in the order of your original registration with THE Spring Games.

Lodging and Transportation Survey
We ask you (and your fans) to complete this survey so that we can report to the counties where we use facilities the room nights we generate at this event. This is part of the “stay to play” model that most people don’t see. Instead of being a “stay to play” program, we rely on you helping us by completing this survey. This way, you continue to enjoy housing at your favorite locations and we are still able to honor our commitments to our government partners!
Please have your housing and vehicle reservations handy and plan on this survey taking you about 7 minutes.

VIP Survey
Please review the “What to Expect” package on the coaches’ page to see how we handle VIPs and player passes at THE Spring Games. If you do not complete your VIP survey, we will not know who should receive complimentary admission to THE Spring Games from your team (we prefer to avoid telling Athletic Directors that their name is not on the VIP list!!!). You will need to download the roster form for that section to complete the Roster information.
Please have your current roster handy and plan on this survey taking you 15-20 minutes.