In 2008, Dr. Dot Richardson founded THE Spring Games as a home for Division II, III, and JUCO teams who had restrictions on early season play as a result of limited facility availability (mostly due to snow!) and budgets. Since then, THE Spring Games has provided college softball teams at all levels the opportunity to come to sunny Central Florida and play anywhere from 2-28 games on clay and grass when they would otherwise be indoors up North.

At THE Spring Games, we are very proud that our leadership team is comprised of former Olympic and college softball players and coaches in the sports of softball and football. Our staff spends the entire year focused on this event and works tirelessly to make sure our coaches, athletes, and fans have an enjoyable event. We look forward to seeing you in sunny Central Florida this Spring!



Alison Strange
Division III & JUCO

After playing Division I softball in college, Ms. Strange began her professional career with the ProFastpitch X-treme (PFX) Tour while also practicing law at her firm in Clermont, Florida. Since 2014, she has focused on making the fan event the best while also bringing Division II and Division III softball to the public and media’s attention. In 2018, Ms. Strange took over scheduling for THE Spring Games and continues to do so for Division III and JUCO teams in Lake County.


Sarah Rotta
Division II & NAIA

Ms. Rotta has participated in THE Spring Games from the beginning; originally, as a college softball coach (JUCO, NAIA, and Division II) and joined THE Spring Games staff in 2016 to help grow the event from 330 teams to over 400. As a former coach, Ms. Rotta knows what is important to the coaches and works with them to ensure they have their own unique and customized experience at THE Spring Games. Ms. Rotta schedules for Division II and NAIA teams in Polk and Osceola Counties.


Melissa 'Skeeter' Gentile
Division I

Skeeter has been running college softball events for over a decade. A former college softball coach and Division I player, Skeeter knows exactly what Division I college coaches are looking for in a successful event. With a strong emphasis on attracting the most appropriate teams for a particular event period and matching up competitors in a manner that will best prepare the teams for their upcoming season, Skeeter is the best person to lead THE Spring Games into Division I college softball.

From time to time, you may hear from our Director of Operations, J.R. Rozier. He assists the Tournament Directors with administrative and promotional activities. If you would like to receive a phone call or email from any of our Tournament Directors or Mr. Rozier, please email us at: