All individuals attending THE Spring Games are subject to search. Fans are not permitted to bring weapons, hazardous materials, illegal substances, pets, or outside food into any complex at THE Spring Games; individuals who violate these policies may be asked to leave the park with no refund.

All games are subject to weather; THE Spring Games does not issue refunds for weather delays or cancellations.

Individuals are permitted to leave and re-enter the complex on the same date. Handstamps are required for re-entry and are available at the gate at the time of exit.


THE Spring Games is a ticketed event. There are two ways to get passes to THE Spring Games: (1) online or (2) at the gate. Please note: the gate is cash only. If you wish to use your credit card, you must order online.

Tickets ordered online will be issued as an electronic ticket. Electronic ticket holders need simply present their passes at the box office or front gate for admission into the park. Individuals purchasing tickets will need to visit the box office. Please plan on a 15-minute wait if you need to visit the box office.

There are generally three types of tickets to THE Spring Games:

  1. Day Passes: good for a single day admission.
  2. Multi-Day Passes: Division I games offer a weekend pass (good for Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays) and all other Divisions offer a 5-Day pass (good for any five (5) days in a one-week period).
  3. All-Event Passes: good for all days, all Divisions. The best value per day.

Single-Day Admission:
Division I:
$10.00 for Adults
$8.00 for Seniors (over 65) and Children (ages 5-10)
Includes admission to DII, DIII, NAIA, and JUCO games

Division II, Division III, NAIA, and JUCO:
$8.00 for Adults
$6.00 for Seniors (over 65) and Children (ages 5-10)
Excludes DI games

Multi-Day Admission:
Division I:
3-Day Pass Option (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)
$25.00 for Adults
$20.00 for Seniors (over 65) and Children (ages 5-10)

Division II, Division III, NAIA, and JUCO:
5-Day Pass Option (good for any five (5) days in a seven (7) day period)
$35.00 for Adults
$30.00 for Seniors (over 65) and Children (ages 5-10)

All-Event Pass:
Good for all games at all complexes for all Divisions

Children under 5 are free at THE Spring Games
There is no fee for parking at THE Spring Games


When viewing the facility websites, keep in mind that THE Spring Games is a private event; in order to ensure that all of our facilities are operated with consistency, the Park Rules for THE Spring Games may be more strict than those posted on the public website for each individual facility.

  • Individuals attending THE Spring Games should behave in a professional and appropriate manner at all times. Questions are encouraged and appreciated as are suggestions. Individuals who engage in inappropriate or abusive behavior toward coaches, players, umpires, staff or other spectators will be asked to leave the park. THE Spring Games will not issue refunds for individuals ejected from the complex for poor behavior.
  • Service animals are welcome; pets are not. Be advised that Emotional Therapy Animals are not service animals.
  • No coolers of any kind are permitted at THE Spring Games (teams may bring in coolers consistent with our Game Day Policies).
  • No tents, carts, wagons, or large umbrellas are permitted at the parks. Strollers, personal chairs, and personal umbrellas are permitted to help fans have a better experience. Please keep in mind that at our Lake County complexes, PFX Athletics has a chair share program where fans are encouraged to borrow a chair for their games that day and return them as they leave the complex.
  • Participants play and spectate at their own risk. Spectators should be aware of errant balls. THE Spring Games, National Training Center, PFX Athletics, South Lake Hospital, City of Clermont, City of Leesburg, City of Minneola, Lake Sumter State College, Lake County, City of Kissimmee, Osceola County, City of Auburndale, City of Winter Haven, Polk County, City of Madeira Beach, City of Longwood, and Seminole County assume no liability for injury or damage that occurs at THE Spring Games arising out of or related to softball activities, negligence, violence, or actions of persons other than THE Spring Games employees.
  • Smoking and tobacco products (including vapor and electronic cigarettes) are prohibited inside any complex at THE Spring Games. Smokers must move to the parking lot and be sure to throw all cigarette butts in the exterior trashcans.
  • Alcoholic Beverages are not permitted inside the complexes at THE Spring Games.
  • Firearms and Weapons are prohibited unless authorized by Florida law.
  • Parking and standing of vehicles (i.e., the car is on but in park) is not permitted if the vehicle is holding up traffic. See the gate personnel for assistance with dropping off individuals with physical limitations and they will direct you to the appropriate place to drop off persons needing assistance.
  • Except for police and security personnel, skating, skateboarding, bikes and scooters are not permitted inside the complexes.
  • Gum, shelled seeds, and nuts are not permitted inside the complexes.
  • Pay attention to signage at the complexes. We do our best to provide signage to direct you to fields, staff, and to advise you of individual park rules or policies.
  • Glass containers are not permitted in the complexes.
  • Notify THE Spring Games staff of any unsafe field or complex conditions immediately. If the restrooms need attention, kindly let us know.
  • In the event of lightning, all individuals must immediately leave the complex and seek shelter outside of the complex.
  • In the event of an emergency, call 911. Our police are great!

Your in-person attendance at THE Spring Games is your acceptance of the following waiver of liability:


In consideration of my attendance at THE Spring Games, I hereby release and covenant not-to-sue THE SPRING GAMES, LLC or any of their employees, teachers, coaches, or agents, from any and all present and future claims resulting from ordinary negligence on the part of THE SPRING GAMES, LLC or others listed for property damage, personal injury, or wrongful death,arising as a result of my engaging in or attending THE Spring Games and any other activities or any activities incidental thereto, wherever, whenever, however the same may occur. I hereby voluntarily waive any and all claims resulting from ordinary negligence, both present and future, that may be made by me, my family, estate, heirs, or assigns.

Further, I am aware that softball (specifially) and sports (in general) are vigorous sporting activities where people, equipment, balls, bats, and other persons and implements incidental to the game (including fans and spectators) may come into contact with each other and others and as such they pose a risk of injury. I understand that softball (specifially), sports (in general), and related activities always involve certain risks, including but not limited to, death, serious neck and spinal injuries resulting in complete or partial paralysis, brain damage, and serious injury to virtually all bones, joints, muscles, and internal organs, and that the fencing, padding, netting and other safety equipment and apparatus provided for my protection, including the active participation of a staff member, public officer, professional medical service provider, or coach may be inadequate to prevent serious injury. The risk of harm may be limited by all of the safety equipment and trained coaches, but never eliminated.

I understand that participation in softball and related activities involves activities incidental to active participation in softball, including moving from event to event, conditioning, stretching
and other activities which may leave me vulnerable to the reckless actions of other participants who may not have complete control over their actions or who may not see other participants or spectators at the complex.

I am voluntarily participating or attending THE Spring Games with knowledge of the risks involved and hereby agree to accept any and all inherent risks of property damage, personal injury, or death.

I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless THE SPRING GAMES, LLC and all others listed for any and all claims arising as a result of my engaging in or attending activities incidental thereto, whenever, wherever, or however the same may occur. If an injury occurs, the party hereby contracts and agrees that their individual medical coverage is deemed primary in any and all situations.

I give permission to THE SPRING GAMES, LLC, their officers and staff, to provide medical treatment in case of an emergency or injury.

I further authorize THE SPRING GAMES, LLC the irrevocable right to use photographs of my child(ren) and myself in all forms, media and manners, without restriction for advertising, promotion, or any other lawful purposes.

I understand that this waiver is intended to be as broad and as inclusive a permitted by the laws of the state of Florida and agree that if any portion is held invalid, the remainder of the waiver will continue in full legal force and effect. I further agree that the venue for any legal proceedings shall be within the state of Florida.

I affirm that I am of legal age and am freely accepting this agreement, as demonstrated by my attendance at THE Spring Games. I have read this form and fully understand that by consenting to this form, I am giving up legal rights and or remedies which may be available to me for the ordinary negligence of THE SPRING GAMES, LLC.

For purposes of this Liability Waiver, all references to “THE SPRING GAMES, LLC” include, but are not limited to:
THE Spring Games, LLC
All facilities listed on THE Spring Games official App
All Cities, Counties, and local Municipalities who own, manage, operate, or control the facilities listed on THE Spring Games official App
PFXA, Inc. d/b/a PFX Athletics
Lake Sumter State College
The National Training Center
Orlando Health d/b/a South Lake Hospital
All non-profits who operate, manage, or benefit in any capacity from THE Spring Games
All concession, vendors, and food providers at the facilities listed on THE Spring Games official App during THE Spring Games