What tips do you have for first-timers at THE Spring Games?
Please be sure to review all of the information on this website before you arrive and join our Fan Facebook Page. Both of these resources provide you with information, tips, ideas, and access to others who can help you if you have a question. Also, be sure to download the Official THE Spring Games app. The sooner you do these things, the more informed you will be!

You will also want to be sure to book restaurants, activities, and events in advance of your arrival. During the busy weeks (the first and second week of March, in particular), we have almost 100 teams in town so restaurants and activity centers get full and it would help you – and them – if you let them know you are coming so they can be prepared to better serve you! Even a party of two can find it difficult to get seating during THE Spring Games but a reservation is an open door to a great seat! We also ask that you support our partners as they support us and the Games.


At what ballfields will my team be playing?
You can (and should) check the Official THE Spring Games app to see at which ballfields your team will be playing. Please remember that most teams play at two or more complexes during their time at THE Spring Games. Your best bet is to keep an eye on the schedule online as it is updated automatically as changes are made.

Is there a map to show me how to get to the ballfields?
Yes, you have two options to find your way around the softball complexes at THE Spring Games: you can review the individual ballfield information on each Division page or use our Official THE Spring Games App.

What is the physical address of the ballfields where THE Spring Games will be played?
You can click on the ballpark information on the Division page to get the address for the ballparks for the softball games you wish to attend. This information is also available on the Official THE Spring Games app.

Am I allowed to bring in coolers, tents, umbrellas, wagons, or chairs?
Coolers and wagons are not allowed (please note that the teams have coolers that they bring into the parks but fans are not permitted to come in with coolers – even if it is the team cooler).

Tents are not permitted at any park. Personal sized, small umbrellas may be permitted but if the umbrella is used in a way to interfere with or obstruct another fan’s experience, you may be asked to put the umbrella away.

Individual folding chairs are permitted. We ask that if you purchase a folding chair that you will otherwise throw away due to travel, that you deliver it to our front gate for our chair-share program.

Is there food at the ballfields?
You bet! It’s good stuff, too! The parks have a variety of foods ranging from gourmet hot dogs and hamburgers to wraps and salads. In 2019, the staff at many of the parks incorporated gluten-free, vegan, and organic options for those with dietary restrictions. We also have preferred food providers who can deliver to the parks and accommodate special dietary needs.

Can I bring my pet?
Pets and Emotional Support Animals are not permitted at any ballpark. Service animals, of course, are permitted so long as the owner can satisfy the Federal requirements for evidencing the animal is a service animal.

My mother is handicapped and it is too far for her to walk from the parking lot to the main gate, can she enter at the side entrance with the teams and umpires?
We get this question a lot and the answer is “no.” At some parks, the side entrance where teams and umpires park is also the area where teams warm up and prepare for the day; there are balls, bats, and other equipment (literally) flying through the air in these areas. Those are also the areas where teams are free of spectator interference and where they prepare for their games. Not only is it unsafe, but it is not appropriate for persons other than credentialed personnel to enter through these gates.

Persons with disabilities can be dropped off at the front entrance to the park by the main entrance. Our staff will support you in making this drop off at the gate. Please refer to the Complex map to locate the appropriate area for drop offs for disabled persons.

In the future, we hope to have golf carts for busier days when parking is a challenge; for now, we are not in a position to offer this service (but we are open to recommendations if anyone is familiar with a local business who would like to offer this service!).

Please email Information@THESpringGames.com to share ideas, let us know you have special needs, or to otherwise arrange or coordinate services for those in your party who are physically disabled. We are happy to help!


Where can I get action photos from THE Spring Games?
You can review and purchase action photos from THE Spring Games at www.goodpaulmedia.com. You may also view the photos we post on social media as follows:
Facebook: The Spring Games (Fan Group)
Twitter: @THESpringGames
Instagram: @THE_SpringGames

Is there somewhere for me to post my own photos to share?
We would appreciate it if you would post your photos to any one of our social media, above. Tag us or post, where applicable. We love seeing photos from THE Spring Games and sharing in your experiences! If your photos are good, we may even use them on future advertisements or promotions for THE Spring Games!

What if I can’t make THE Spring Games in person? Is there a way to watch the games live?
Yes, you can watch THE Spring Games live through our streaming partner, FloSoftball.

Are there going to be any changes to the quality of the live stream this year?
2016 was the first year that THE Spring Games were live streamed – all 1,658 games made it to the World Wide Web! Suffragette Softball was the first (and only company) to be able to figure out how to live stream 22 softball fields and 22 games at the same time without charging us over $1,000,000 to do so (we actually got quotes that high to stream the Games!)

Our goal is to keep the costs as reasonable as possible for the teams and to continue operating THE Spring Games. You can expect a single camera stream for all games. Where available, we will also include a scoreboard and broadcast commentary. If you would like the broadcast commentary, please encourage your team’s sports media department to contact us so we can coordinate their existing radio broadcast with the live stream of the game. Have them email Information@THESpringGames.com (thank you in advance!).

Will I be able to purchase a game on DVD after THE Spring Games?
No. HOWEVER, if you subscribe to FloSoftball on an annual basis, you will be able to watch archived games all year long.

Will I be able to watch a game after it ends?
Yes! Most games are archived at FloSoftball.

What social media sites can I use to follow THE Spring Games?
Facebook: The Spring Games (Fan Group)
Twitter: @THESpringGames
Instagram: @THE_SpringGames


Into what airport should I fly for THE Spring Games?
You have three options for air travel: Orlando Airport (MCO), Sanford-Orlando (SFB), and Tampa International Airport (TPA). See our event Map to determine which airport is closest to your hotel and the complexes where your team will be playing.

Is there public transportation from the airport to my lodging or hotel?
It depends on where you stay but generally the answer is “no.” You will need to use some form of transportation to get from the airport to your hotel or vacation rental and then to get to the ballfields. Please contact Spring Break Sports for information on housing, transportation, and things to do.


What is the logo selection contest and how can I participate?
In 2015, we started providing the teams with the opportunity to participate in the branding of our event. Each year, teams submit a logo for consideration for THE Spring Games. We post the logo online to our Fan Facebook Page for the fans to vote. Voting ends October 15. The winner’s artwork will serve as the official logo for next year’s THE Spring Games!

Who is PFX Athletics?
PFX Athletics is a non-profit dedicated to opening the doors of opportunity for women and girls through sport. PFX has been in business since 1996 when it was founded by Dr. Dot Richardson after the Inaugural Softball Olympic Games. You can read PFX’s story HERE. PFX Athletics has three primary functions: (1) to manage Legends Way Ballfields at the National Training Center in Clermont, Florida; (2) hosting youth, travel ball, and college softball tournaments and events such as THE Spring Games; and (3) programming including camps and clinics, the Flying Lions program, and an online Development Program for youth organizations. Funds earned during THE Spring Games support each of these three functions and allow us to ensure its donors that 90% of the revenue donated to PFX’s programs goes directly to the program recipient. You can read some of the stories PFX’s Programs have generated HERE.

What is the Adopt-A-Team program?
Established in 2015, the Adopt-A-Team program is a partnership between PFX Athletics, THE Spring Games teams, and local elementary schools where the college softball teams “adopt” a local elementary classroom. Over the course of several months, the teams and kids exchange videos, letters, and other “stuff” in a modern version of the pen pal system we all knew when we were young. The objective of the program is to inspire young girls and boys to go to college and to play sports as a means to achieve their college goals. You can read more about the Adopt -A-Team program HERE.

Who are the kids in the dugouts with my team?
They are bat girls! In 2017, PFX Athletics expanded its Adopt-A-Team program to include bat girls (and boys) for THE Spring Games teams. What we learned from our experiences in other programs is that the individual connection between a bat girl and a team is a powerful one that lasts a lifetime. The children you see at the ballfield chasing softballs and gathering bats are experiencing the opportunity of a lifetime: to fall in love with a college, to make connections with a college’s future alumni, and to be a part of something bigger than themselves (for some, for the first time in their young lives). If you would like to make a donation to one of PFX’s Programs, we encourage you to do so HERE.

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Edited January 3, 2020