We are committed to making THE Spring Games the BEST college spring event in the Nation. To do that, we need more than just great fields and great teams: we need great umpires as well.

In 2018, THE Spring Games began scheduling umpires in-house. Our host, PFX Athletics, takes great care to make sure that the umpires we invite to participate in THE Spring Games have the necessary experience to officiate this event and also that they are appropriately assigned to the level of college games being played. This means that a JV game may have a less experienced umpire than a DIII National Championship-level game; expect umpires to match the level of teams playing.

That said, our staff are not always able to be on the field watching each play or call. To help us better manage our umpires, we ask for feedback from the coaches (only!). Click the link below to complete our Umpire Evaluation Form.

Umpire Evaluation Survey



We welcome both positive and negative feedback and will use that feedback to help make our umpires better. Like you and your players, our umpires are people and they will make mistakes; that said, umpires at THE Spring Games should be familiar with the rules, physically capable of performing their duties, and conduct themselves with professionalism at all times.

This does not mean we expect our umpires to be **nice** or pushovers – we know that our coaches can have an edge and we expect our umpires to be able to manage the crowd, the game, and the coaches. Our objective is to provide you with qualified and professional umpires.

In order to achieve this objective, we ask that you WAIT 24 HOURS BEFORE SUBMITTING NEGATIVE FEEDBACK ABOUT ANY UMPIRE. Keep in mind that we will take your feedback seriously and umpires who receive regular negative feedback may not be invited back to THE Spring Games; this will have a negative impact on their livelihood. Accordingly, we expect you to be responsible with the feedback you provide; if you were aggressive or out of line and the umpire managed you professionally, you should not provide negative feedback. If the umpire made a judgment call against your team, that judgment call does not warrant negative feedback unless there were other circumstances warranting the negative feedback.

If you had a positive (or neutral) experience with an umpire, we want to know that, too. If you would be happy with us bringing back a particular umpire, let us know so we are sure to invite her or him back in the future!

Please contact Donna Howell at PFX Athletics with any questions about umpires. She can be reached via email at DHowell@PFXAthletics.com.