What to Expect

We get a LOT of questions from coaches considering coming to THE Spring Games. And for those coaches who have been here before but are excited to learn about our process improvements, this page will provide helpful information to let you know “what to expect!”

How does scheduling work?
We schedule in the order that registrations are received. We currently start the scheduling process in June and will begin scheduling based on the order that teams register for THE Spring Games. By the end of June, some teams will have all of their games assigned, but many will be anxiously waiting for teams who wait a little longer to start the process. We will revisit open game times (and add games for new teams) in the months of August and October. Our goal is to be finished with this process by November 1.

Where do I stay?
Wherever you want! THE Spring Games is not a “stay to play” event. Sure, we have housing partners who work closely with us and understand how you like to operate but you are free to schedule housing at any location you choose. We encourage teams to register for the center of Lake County whenever possible to provide more convenient options for games.

How much does it cost to play in THE Spring Games?
Visit our registration link under the Coaches’ tab for details about this year’s fees. Because our goal is to have the schedule completed in November, you will save money if you register early! Early registration ends August 1 and teams who register after October 1 have a higher registration and game fee.






April: Early Registration
May: Early Registration
June: Scheduling (Round 1)
July: Registration; Logo Contest Opens
August: End of Early Registration; Scheduling (Round 2)
September: Registration; End of Logo Contest
October: End of Regular Registration; Scheduling (Round 3)
November: Finish Scheduling; Pre-Orders now available
December: NFCA!!!
January: Complete any remaining “TBDs”
February: End of Pre-Orders; PLAY BALL!